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​​​"We're not in the business of MAKING people LOOK good...We're in the business of HELPING people FEEL good"

-Erick & Justine

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Suffering from Vitamin D Deficiency? Click Here to visit your nearest Quest Diagnostics to get tested today!

"We are designed to get Vitamin D from the Sun, not Cow's Milk or Flintstone's Chewables"

-Dr. Al Sears 

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    Ask about our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! From Light TherapySkin Therapy to Pain Therapy we have a mission to provide an alternative way to nourish a person’s mind and body. Sunseekers Tanning Salon & WellSpa offers Traditional Tanning services such as 5 Levels of Commercial, Vitamin D producing UV beds and Non-UV Sunless Tanning Options (VersaSpa Machine & “Get SunKissed Norvell Mobile Spray Tanning). What makes Sunseekers special is our non-traditional services that include but not limited too: Zero-Gravity Massage, Red-Light Skin/Pain Therapy, Custom Organic Facials, Non-Wax Organic Hair Removal by Nufree, Needleless Mesotherapy, Aromatherapy and Teeth Whitening by Bleach Bright. We truly are pioneering and exemplifying a new use of the term “WellSpa.” This means that our customers receive a spa-like experience without the commitment to time, or expense equated with a traditional spa experience. We are a hybrid between a Day Spa, Medical Spa, and Tanning Salon.

    Contrary to what the media has portrayed on T.V. indoor tanning produces one of life’s greatest contributors to health e.g. Vitamin D. Harnessing the power of the sun through indoor tanning is more about education of its health benefits than the aesthetics of darker skin. There are endless studies all over the world that Vitamin D deficiency causes a multitude of ailments from severe depression, to weak immune systems, and even autism. You don’t need science, or statistics to know that without the Sun there would be no life on this planet and it’s just common sense that our days are just a little more droopy too. After all what would life be like, seriously, without the Sun?

    Your mind and body are an investment and should be budgeted for accordingly. Let us be part of your therapy. Let us be part of your escape from the stresses of life. Let us help provide you just a little more freedom from pain and suffering. Let us be your choice. Sunseekers Tanning Salon “We’re Not Just Tanning Anymore.” 

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