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Our Tanning Beds

   No matter what your skin type, we offer a greater selection of beds in different price ranges than any other salon in the area.

   Deluxe tanning beds with enhanced UVA give you a deeper and longer lasting color.

 Our Beds

•Power 600 - Level 5
  50 lamp powerhouse with 4 VIT   facials
•Double-Shot - Level 4
  61 Cosmo Lux Lamps

•Cyclone - Level 3
  50, 200 watt reflector lamps

•Super 40 - Level 3
  Hi-impact, deep dish super bed

•Sun Capsule - Level 2
  High-watt stand-up, 48 bulbs

•Eurobronzer - Level 2
 Cosmo Lux lamps, Triple Quartz Facials

•Turbo - Level 1
  10 minute speed machine

•Genesis - Level 1
  Out tans the competition!

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