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​831 Bowman Street Lebanon, Pa 17046



​​​"We're not in the business of MAKING people LOOK good...We're in the business of HELPING people FEEL good"

-Erick & Justine

The Owners

Hours of Operation:

T-Th 9am to 8:00pm

Friday 9am to 7pm 


Erick & Justine Rittle

The Owners 

Sunseekers Tanning Salon & WellSpa

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About Us

Sunseekers Tanning Salon & WellSpa is locally owned and operated by Erick and Justine Rittle. Erick is a 1999 graduate of Cedar Crest High School, a 12 year Veteran of the Pa Air Force National Guard, and Entrepreneur. Justine is a Managing Partner of the Parent Company E & J Capital LLC and works Full-Time for the House  of Representatives Democratic Caucus. Stop in today and let our friendly, professional staff provide you with a mini get-a-way you won't soon forget. Erick and Justine base their personal and business philosophies on a strong faith in God, Family, a Sustainable Environment and an unrelenting affinity for their local community. They decided to get into the Health & Wellness industry starting with a Tanning Salon & WellSpa. Their mantra is “We’re not just tanning anymore” and with that comes a multitude of products and services that promote a spa-like atmosphere to which focus is purely on making their customers FEEL incredible, not just look incredible. Click here on WellSpa to learn more!

“Our goal is to allow our customers the opportunity improve their wellness through our suite of life-changing services.There is an opportunity in this industry to re-educate people in the community that we are in the business of helping people feel good” 

-Owner Erick Rittle 

“We’re not in the business of MAKING people LOOK good…we’re in the business of HELPING people FEEL good”

Erick & Justine
The Owners

Erick & Justine own several businesses in Central Pa. 






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