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Treat yourself! Here in our WellSpa division we've discovered the perfect compliments to our traditional light therapy's with our professionally custom-crafted facial services! With our top of the line skin analyzing system we are able to custom formulate our client's facial treatment by its unique results! We have invested exorbitant amounts of time and money to provide an up-scale experience at reasonable prices for the Lebanon Valley and Central Pennsylvania. Don't forget to ask about our Organic Non-Wax Hair Removal Services by Nufree Finipil!

What's a WellSpa? Well we've coined the term WellSpa (Wellness Spa) because we believe that we are a hybrid version of a traditional Day Spa, Med Spa, and Tanning Salon. 

We have taken great thought in providing a unique wellness service to the Lebanon Valley and truly believe this is a model of success and triumph.  

All of our products that we use are Certified Organic and many of the products are also 100% Vegan! What this means is we use the freshest, most natural ingredients Mother Earth provides. This process in its purest form provides a non-abrasive, nurturing, rejuvenating, and vitally health enhancing experience for our clientele that they can be proud of is helping preserve & sustain the earth's natural resources! 

These facial services in combination with our Nobel-Peace Prizing Winning Red-Light Therapy provides a Wellness-Beautification service NO OTHER salon can boast! We are the trend-setters, we are the leaders, we are SunSeekers Tanning Salon & WellSpa. 

Certified Organic 100% Vegan Facials


What's a "Lunch Time" Face-Lift? Glad you asked! The perfect, safer alternative to Botox, we use Needleless Mesotherapy in combination with certified organic facial products *** to assist in opening the vessels of the skin to allow for more efficient absorption of our organic facial products to achieve a quick and efficient facial in a fraction of the time a normal facial would take. Our Valley Lunch Time Face-Lift provides a similar result to Botox where it's almost like a non-surgical face lift! Feel younger, and healthier in less than an hour! You'll have enough time to get in, get out and feel incredible doing it! You can also use Mesotherapy on your stomach and legs etc to smooth out wrinkles, cellulite and scarring! 

***Pioneered by the French physician Dr. Michel Pistor in 1952, Mesotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure that is widely used in Europe and elsewhere to treat various injuries and medical conditions. This medical specialty targets problem areas with microinjections of conventional or homeopathic medicines, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Tiny "medicinal bullets" are delivered directly into the mesoderm (middle layer of skin) that are highly specific to the condition being treated. Among its many applications, Mesotherapy can be used for the following:

- Provide anti-aging benefits

- Firming and Tightening Skin 
- Eliminate cellulite
- Promote weight loss

Mesotherapy ( Mesotherapie) was recognized by the French National Academy of Medicine in 1986 as an integral part of traditional medicine. Each day, thousands of doctors worldwide use Mesotherapy to help tens of thousands of patients. 

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