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Ditch the Botox, Ditch the Liposuction OR just add it to your regular cosmetic Botox/Liposuction regimen! Our Valley Needleless Facelifts offer  dramatic anti-aging, rejuvenating and hydrating Face, Neck and Décolleté results at the fraction of the cost of traditional, comparable, cosmetic procedures. Also works great for the Backs of Hands! We achieve phenomenal results via our Needleless Mesotherapy Methods that provide a safer, pain free alternative to traditional anti-aging procedures. 

A course of high frequency ultrasound, blue light, red light and low pulse electricity improves skin quality, hydration levels and generates collagen production. This is great as part of a course of anti aging treatments and is especially beneficial for hydrating post summer skin by giving your skin the boost that it needs. Included in our Fountain of Youth Facial!

 The Valley Lunch-Time Facelift 

NO NEEDLES! It’s really great for jowls, neck waddle, bags around the eyes, wrinkles and more! Needleless Mesotherapy, the tried and true cosmetic alternative to Botox and traditional surgery.

45 minutes 

The Valley Needleless Facelift 

NO NEEDLES! Adding the Hydrating Mask Treatment to our Needleless Mesotherapy is a double threat. This facial mask is for All Skin types. This incredibly moisturizing and nourishing facial mask helps to soothe, hydrate, heal and promote cell regeneration. Our Hydrating Mask helps plump and firm the skin. 30 Min Red Light Therapy Session to boost collagen.

60 minutes



The Valley Needleless Facelifts

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