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​​​"We're not in the business of MAKING people LOOK good...We're in the business of HELPING people FEEL good"

-Erick & Justine

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Certified Organic & 100% Vegan Facial Treatments 

***Minimum 25% deposit REQUIRED to book appointment unless it's for a Free Consultation.

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The Organic Facial Collection



Nature gives you all you need to feel amazing. Our Organic Facial Collection uses certified natural ingredients such as pumpkin, mango, pineapple, coconuts, papaya and more to rejuvenate your skin the way nature intended. With all-natural, vegan ingredients, the exfoliation process with these organic facials is much less aggressive and invasive which leads to little to no irritation and breakouts! 

Make your lives and our jobs easier and take care of your body first! Click here to learn about natural ways to age gracefully =) 

Remember, everyone's skin responds differently to all stimulus, please consult our Licensed Estheticians Ronda & Tiffany to find out exactly what treatments are best for you! We customize our services to every client that comes through our doors. We take pride in building relationships with a strong foundation of trust. Stop in today! 

The Tranquility Facial

Our Standard Facial. For all skin types.

30 Minutes

The Luminous Facial

Acne and Facial Scarring. Includes One 15 Minute Red Light Therapy Session.

45 Minutes

The Serenity Mud Facial

Our Detoxifying and Revitalizing Facial for all skin types. Eliminates toxins and gently firms the skin.

45 Minutes

The Majestic Facial

Perfect for oily and excessively dirty skin. NOT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN. We go the extra mile with this particularl skin type, to ensure that proper exfoliation occurs in order for the client to receive as much of the organic facial nutrients as possible.

45 Minutes